A Letter from the Director

I want to extend my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for your contributions and participation in our mission. To help homeless, abused mothers and children in distress find their way to happy, productive lives is a sacred task. Your support has made our efforts successful.

We live with our families through all stages of the journey from crisis through victory. We are with them in court, in classrooms, in therapy and even in delivery rooms. As heartbreaking as their stories are, accompanying them on their way to healthy, happy lives is a joy.

For more than 40 years, we have assisted thousands of families find employment and safe, secure housing. Because of your dedication and support, 95% of the families we serve achieve independent, productive lives. They obtain success and work very hard to maintain that success.

Mere words cannot express how much your support is valued and how profound the results.

With a grateful heart,
Jennifer Gaeta, SSS
Executive Director