Response to CBS Story

On February 8, 2019, CBS ran a story about funding for organizations that were “delinquent” with the state but receiving monies for homeless services.  Here is the letter response from Executive Director, Jennifer Gaeta, that was not fully explained in the news story.  At this time and at the time of the story, ALL paperwork to remain active and eligible for funding had been submitted with the state and has been confirmed as COMPLETE AND ACTIVE as of 3/6/2019.

The cause of “delinquency” was a missing document – a one page form, form RRF-1 – that needed to be submitted to the Attorney Generals office with a $75 fee and was somehow not submitted through an oversight of our new auditor’s office.  This form was been submitted and was accepted and updated by the Attorney General’s website. Here is the page showing we are Active and Current – CA Attorney General Status.

We are in line with all state, federal and local requirements and our programs have been successfully serving homeless families for over 40 years. 

From: Jennifer Gaeta
Date: Tue, Feb 5, 2019, 11:11 AM
To: Lorraine, CBS
As of Friday all three years were submitted.
I spoke with the office staff of Registry of Charitable Trusts, it can take 2 weeks for the posting to be updated.
The explanation is simple yet truthful.
We changed auditors and this report had always been done by outside auditing firm.
for each year of 2016, 2017, 2018 we had an Extension from the IRS for submission of the 990. Therefore, 2018 is not delinquent as the IRS extension overrides the date of submission of the Registry of Charitable Trusts. This is on their website under due dates and exclusions.
As of today we had not received any notification of the delinquency from the Office of Charitable Trusts.
This omission was not noted by our staff, that is our responsibility yet had been a duty preformed by our the outside auditor so was easily missed as not on our internal list of items to ensure being completed.
We have been in existence for over 40 years and this has to have been the first omission in this area.
Hearing from you was the alert that caused me to investigate and correct the error.
I realize you are protecting the public trust in exposing fraud, but we are not that.
I am sure there is fraud, but 99.99 percent of service providers are extremely truthful, honest and dedicated.
Our reward comes from having the ability to provide such needed service.
Jennifer Gaeta
Los Angeles House of Ruth